Welcome to My Migraine Life

This is a space created to help people with migraine. l do this by telling my stories about life with migraine, creating and sharing education and events, and providing support and resources. I am dedicated to changing the way we see and talk about migraine. This migraine blog and social are a place for me to share my stories about living with chronic migraine and an invisible disease. I share about products and treatments I have tried, migraine symptoms I have experienced, constant triggers that interrupt my life, and ways I advocate, and live my life.

My purpose is to raise funds and awareness, educate, decrease stigma, and connect with the migraine, headache disorders, and chronic illnesses communities. I hope it makes you feel less alone.

I am not a doctor and my experiences will not be yours. I encourage you to speak with your doctor about a treatment plan that works for you. (disclaimer)

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