Affordable Non Toxic Make Up: Eleve

Affordable Non Toxic Make Up: Eleve

Affordable Non Toxic Make Up are hard to come by. I’ve tried several brands and the best non toxic clean make up by Eleve Cosmetics is my favorite. They are based in Austin but I buy online.  Eleve Cosmetics is a chemical free make up brand that I was introduced to by the Clean Beauty Awards 2018.  I adore their gel eye liner! This year, I judged the clean suntan lotion category. Eleve is once again one of the top non toxic spf brands.

*I was given products to review and am expressing my own opinions about their products. The links in this post refer a friend which will give both of us $20 of your first purchase!

Eleve Cosmetics

Affordable Non Toxic Make Up

Eleve is nontoxic and free of gluten, paraben, sulfate and phtalate.  It is vegan-based,  cruelty free and non Gmo. The sisters behind this non toxic make up brand are Gertie and Ginger.  Their mission is to spread wellness through beauty. What a beautiful outlook!

Organic Non Toxic Make up

After judging and falling in love with Eleve’s natural make up, I now wear them everyday.  First, I start with the custom face trio starter set*. I love it so much and will be reordering with holiday sales. Next, I use the lip pop lip gloss. I was given a set of their mini lip pop set and my daughter stole one immediately. That’s ok, there’s enought to share! It is a perfect stocking stuffer* (even if you daughter takes one.) They feel fancy, yet not sticky and conditioning with a sparkly glow in three shades.

Eye Make Up without Chemicals

To finish off my look, I was given the little black dress, timeless collection beauty pallet. Every woman needs this eyes shadow like she needs a good dress. The eye shadow  transitions from day to night. I use it in so many ways.  The colors allow my look to be subtle and causal to fancy and bold just like my little black dress.

Natural Make Up Brand

I love supporting Eleve, not only because of their natural make up, but because of their story.  My sister and I are very close and I see how they have become stronger together in building their store in Austin, Texas. They each had dreams and it lead them back home to each other in creating Eleve. Eleve Cosmetics* is my favorite non toxic clean makeup. They are also boss babes with family values making products that are good for our bodies and safe for the environment.

Looking for non toxic beauty for a gift or yourself?

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