10 Thanksgiving Migraine Triggers and Tips

What Triggers Migraine at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving migraine triggers hit me every year!  I have lived with migraine for decades, and I’ve had many Thanksgivings dampened. Understanding what triggers my migraine attacks on Thanksgiving and ways to avoid them have helped. Thanksgiving brings a schedule change, travel, change in sleep, diet, and movement along with stress and anxiety that all add…

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Dear Migraine Book Project with Miles for Migraine

Dear Migraine Book

The Dear Migraine Book project has been a labor of love created by the volunteers of Miles for Migraine. Oftentimes, people living with migraine have trouble expressing what it feels like to live with migraine and this book aims to do so in a creative way. I’m so extremely excited to announce The Dear Migraine…

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Tricks for a Better Halloween with Migraine Dos and Don’ts

Halloween Migraine

Tricks for a Better Halloween with Migraine Dos and Don’ts Halloween can be a fun and exciting holiday for many people, but for individuals who suffer from migraines, it can present some unique challenges. Migraines are neurological disorders characterized by severe headaches, often accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light, and sound. Tricks…

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12 Ways I Make It as a Sports Mom with Migraine

Sports mom

I often get asked how I make it as a sports mom with migraine. How are you going to all of these games, handling all of these triggers, and surviving in these environments while living with chronic migraine? Just like most things in my life, I plan, I try, I fail, and I push myself…

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How I Tried Functional Medicine to Ease my Migraine

functional medicine to ease migraine

Recently, I have been investigating my health through functional medicine to ease My Migraine Life. My health and illness are a journey, but it’s a method I’ve learned from. My life is very different from yours, but if you are interested in functional medicine, here is my experience. First, why did I decide to go…

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