Avulux Migraine Glasses Review

avulux migraine glasses review

My Avulux migraine glasses review is not influenced in any way. I was given a pair of glasses in exchange for my honest opinion. After receiving them, I tried them in many different situations. I became an affiliate after trying them and falling in love. If you purchase you will get $15 off and I will be rewarded. I hope you like them and thank you!

After speaking with the Avulux team, I found out that there aren’t indoor or outdoor glasses. The migraine glasses are meant to help with ALL light.

How Avulux Glasses are Different

Prior to trying these, I wore Axon Optics, Theraspecs, and a whole lot of sunglasses. These glasses are Fl-41 tinted lenses which are different from Avulux. As opposed to rose-tinted glasses, Avulux has newly engineered grey-tinted lenses. With a huge increase of screen time this year, I wanted to try something new.  My daughter stole my indoor glasses but my Avulux are good for all light.

The Avulux team spent 8 years engineering a lens that would target specific wavelengths. The lenses function as a migraine preventative and treatment by filtering out the specific wavelengths of migraine-inducing light. Allowing in green light may prove beneficial in reducing light sensitivity. “The researchers found that white, blue, amber, and red light increased the subjects’ headache pain intensity, while green light was actually shown to reduce pain intensity.” Avulux migraine glasses are classified as a medical device in 32 countries (Canada, the UK, and the EU countries). Lights are one of my biggest triggers and a change in lifestyle has given me a need for a change in glasses.

How to Maximize Relief

If you live with under 15 migraine days per month, put glasses on at the first signs of a migraine attack.  If you live with chronic migraine, wear glasses continuously to prevent migraine attacks. It is recommended to wear Avulux for at least 2 weeks to experience the full benefits of your Avulux migraine glasses. The Avulux ‘for prescription’ frame options come with both a frame and titanium clip-on. The clip-on contains Avulux migraine lenses while the frame contains blank lenses that customers can replace with their own prescription at their local optometrist.

Avulux lenses precisely absorb as much as 97% of the most painful light without distorting your color perception + 100% UV protection.

Benefits of Migraine Glasses

  • No side effects
  • No recurring costs
  • Wear them indoors or outdoors
  • Cute style
  • Risk-free 60-day trial
  • Coupon Code: MYMIGRAINELIFE on Avulux Website

Avulux Migraine Glasses Review

After wearing them for many weeks, I can say that I like Avulux migraine glasses. They are different from what I’m used to but it was an easy switch.  Avulux claims, “38% of Avulux® users have their headaches completely disappear before even beginning if Avulux® is worn at the earliest onset of a migraine symptom of a migraine aura.” As someone who lives with daily persistent headaches, this isn’t a category I fall under. Although, “Another 36% have their migraine-related symptoms so significantly reduced to the point where they do not need any additional medicine to manage their symptoms.” is a stat that I am a part of. Using glasses helps me hugely in avoiding a spike in migraine attacks during the day. Managing my symptoms allows me to cut back on medication and I am hugely appreciative of any product that helps with that.

Avulux migraine Glasses review

Where to Wear Migraine Glasses

I wear my Avulux mostly when I am working on the computer, scrolling through my phone, cooking in my kitchen, and running errands. Although they are meant for indoor and outdoor use, I typically need really dark sunglasses on sunny days. But on cloudy days, I find I squint my eyes without glasses and sunglasses are too dark and harmful. Avulux glasses will not dark adapt your eyes (you will not become more light sensitive by wearing them).

I like that the frames are light because wearing glasses hurts my nose and ears if I wear them too long. The white cute style matches my casual work environment, aka my house. The glasses come with a sturdy case and cloth to clean the lenses. This may sound silly, but for someone who carries glasses everywhere, a case is really helpful. Additionally, having a cloth to keep my lenses clean.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The other day, I had suntan lotion on my glasses and felt like I had blurry vision….a few wipes of my cloth, and my vision was clear. Oh, the life of a spoonie! After that, I went on a walk to the beach… It was a windy day with the sun coming in and out so I wore my Avulux. This picture is a great example of how I fight my light sensitivity. I wear a hat to block the sun overhead. Then, I wear a hood to block the wind from the beach. I finish with glasses. Whether it is indoors or a cloudy day, my Avulux are a good choice.

Avulux migraine glasses are another tool in my toolbox living My Migraine Life. Thank you Avulux for allowing me to try and review the Lilu glasses. If you would like to try them, please use code MYMIGRAINELIFE for a discount at checkout.


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I tell stories of My Migraine Life. I'm a mom, wife, teacher, and chronic migraine sufferer. I tell my stories and advocate in my life searching for health in a positive honest way.

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  1. Tasha on November 10, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    These glasses sound great! I haven’t heard of Avalux before but I’ll definitely check them out. I hope they ship to the U.K.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. mymigrainelife on November 11, 2020 at 6:40 am

    Thanks for reading. I hope they help.

  3. Brendon A Silver on November 11, 2020 at 4:25 pm

    Do you recommend these over other brands?

  4. mymigrainelife on November 11, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    Good question. For me, the tints are very different. Avulux is grey and the Fl-41 is more rose. I think it depends on which you respond better to.

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