Do Blue Light Glasses Work for Migraine? Migraine Shields

Blue Light Glasses for Migraine Shields

Do Blue Light Glasses work for Migraine? This post is going to inform you about blue-light-blocking glasses and how they may help with migraine symptoms. Before you reach for the Fl-41 rose-tinted glasses, ask yourself where you will be primarily using them. If you are working on the computer for long hours during the day, blue light glasses may be effective for you. But not all blue light glasses for Migraine are created equal. Before you search Amazon and buy a cheap pair, learn what to look for and buy a quality pair like Migraine Shields.

*I was given Migraine Shields to review. My opinions are my own and if you purchase through my affiliate link, I will be compensated. That money is used to run my blog. Thank you for the support!

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Do Blue Light Glasses Work for Migraine?

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Blue light below 430nm is most responsible for the tired feeling our eyes may get after viewing digital screens. Digital eye strain or visual strain is a migraine trigger for me and many others. A blue light above 460nm controls the secretion of our sleep hormone, melatonin. Exposure to longer wavelength blue light at night affects melatonin secretion and disrupts our sleep.[1]

440-460nm can be considered “good” blue light because it is the type of light that makes you feel more happy, awake, and energized. If you are looking for lights that help with seasonal affective disorder, you may want to check my light therapy bulbs post. Blue light comparisons must be made at 455 nm[2]. Digital devices and LED lights emit blue light from about 430 nm to 500 nm, with an intense spike at 455 nm. Blue light glasses are a naturopathic option to help your body return to homeostasis naturally. This is where I want my migraine mind and body to be stable.

Migraine Shields

By wearing Migraine Shields, I feel the relief from blocking LED light while still seeing “*true-to-life color.” Blue light glasses are intended for migraine but without a pink tint. The Migraine Shields tint is like a faint yellow, which I overlook once I put them on. While Migraine Shields’ lenses block significant amounts of blue light, they still let your eyes experience the benefits of green light, which can have a soothing effect on your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses in the house can damage my eyes eventually, so I wear Migraine Shields while I’m working on the computer. I find that they give an additional bonus when taking off the edge of snow brightness indoors. Just looking out the window often pierces my eyes, and I don’t have that feeling with Migraine Shields.


Digital Eye Strain

Through proven lens technology, Migraine Shields absorbs 45% of the most triggering blue-light waves. They offer two choices, episodic or every day. Episodic is a bit darker and better for chronic migraine, and every day are good everyday glasses to wear. The glasses I chose to review are the Venisia ($149) which fit my small face. I have episodic lenses which block 59% of blue light and are 20x more effective than other blue light lenses. I chose the episodic because I need a little bit more of a darker tint. But when I say “dark,” this means tinted slightly more.

Digital Eye Strain Migraine Shields

Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Migraine

Do Blue Light Glasses Work for Migraine? I wear my blue light glasses while I work. This year, my computer and phone use have increased exponentially and caused me to spike in migraine attacks. The best part about them is giving an accurate color view. You may need something darker if you need to block an upper range of light that would affect your sleep schedule. I love my glasses while indoors, working on my computer for hours at a time. Computers are very stressful for my eyes, and Migraine Shields take the strain away.

Migraine Shields has an option for a flexible or no prescription. When ordering, you can sort by size or style. I find that the price is comparable to other quality migraine glasses and a fraction of the cost of other treatments. For me, glasses are one of the most accessible natural treatments I implement into My Migraine Life. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Migraine Shields blue lights glasses order, you can return them within 60 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund.

Migraine Blue Light Glasses Discount Code

Blue Light Glasses for Migraine by Migraine Shields

Here’s the best part! This month, Migraine Shields is offering to buy one pair of blue light glasses and get a second pair for 50% off. This offer is subject to change so act quickly. On top of bogo50 off, My Migraine Life readers will get

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Tell me what you think about purchasing a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. I’m always interested in hearing others’ feedback on my products and how they work. Migraine Shields is another product I’ve added to my products that I love and will continue to use. Stop wasting your money and buying cheap glasses. Buy glasses that work and are research-based.

Do Blue Light Glasses Work for Migraine?

[1] Gary Morgan, O.D., Good vs. Bad Blue Light, VSP Vision Care

[2] Migraine Lenses for Glasses.

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