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Phoenix miles for migraine

Fun Weekend Family Activities in Phoenix Arizona

Are you looking for fun weekend family activities in Phoenix Arizona? There are so many things to do in Phoenix Arizona with kids. This weekend we flew out to Phoenix to escape the snow. We filled ...
Hyration for migraine trigger relief

Migraine and Dehydration: Can Dehydration Cause Headaches?

Can dehydration cause headaches? Yes! And for me, dehydration triggers my migraine attacks. The good news is that it is avoidable. The bad news is that it is often overlooked. Usually, I have a water bottle around ...
Why I've joined up with Miles for Migraine

Why I’ve joined up with Miles for Migraine and Increased My Advocacy?

Why I've joined Miles for Migraine? I recently got a flashback of one of my first posts ever. It was super exciting to see how far I've come and how I'm meeting my goals from 4 ...
Miles for Migraine 2018

Cleveland Miles for Migraine Results and Accomplishments 2018

Cleveland Miles for Migraine 2018 here we come! On Sunday, April 21st, 2018 I am lacing up my sneakers and participating in the first annual Miles for Migraine Walk/Run in Cleveland, OH. This event benefits a cause ...
running for research

Running for Research Migraine Fundraiser 2017

Running for Research is here! It's that time when the leaves are changing, the air is getting crisper, and it's time to donate. During the Fall, I participate in many charity walks. I love that I ...
miles for migraine 2017 swag

Miles for Migraine Virtual Walk 2017

This year, I started a Miles for Migraine virtual walk virtual team. "Miles for Migraine is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit with the mission of improving the lives of migraine patients and their families, raising public awareness ...