Dog ear cleaner and moisturizer

Dog Essentials Giveaway: Puppy Shampoo

Time for a dog essentials giveaway. Rockwell Pets Pro is having a $400 dog essential giveaway.  I have reviewed Rockwell shampoo for my dog and still use it.  It is natural and has a simple light smell.  My dog also uses the moisturizing ear cleaner.  I am an affiliate of Rockwell Pets Pro. If you…

Shades for Migraine Photo Contest

Shades for Migraine Photo Contest

Shades for migraine campaigns is done and now the voting begins for best photos. Vote now #shadesformigraine #migraineawarenessmonth

miles for migraine phoenix 2019 highlight

Shades for Migraine 2019

world solidarity day (june 21sst) show they care and wear a pair of sunglasses. #shadesofmigraine


Grief of My Therapy Pet

The grief of my therapy pet has been an ongoing process A year ago, I said goodbye to Lucia, my dog. I have been dreading yesterday since last May 8th. My grieving process is best described as complicated. All year long I have been learning how to live without my therapy pet and companion. Loosing a family…

Shades for migraine prizes

Shades for Migraine Pet and Funniest Photo Winner

Shades for Migraine winner of pets and funniest category

vet pet clinic

I Miss My Dog and How She Doctored Me

I ran across this post from last year.  I have been thinking of my dog constantly.  After passing away in May, I have not been able to find my new normal in my house without her.  It’s posts like this that are a perfect reminder of how important she was to all of us.  Our…


Shades for Migraine Voting for Pets, Kids, and Funniest Categories

Please vote for pets, kids and funniest category. Our pictures have been nominated. What an easy way to show support and spread the word of migraine disease in a fun way.

What I’ve been doing in My Migraine Life

What I’ve been doing in My Migraine Life

Hello all of My Migraine Lifers!!! I want to give you an update on what I’ve been doing…. First, I’ve relocated my blog to  It has been a long time coming and please let me know what you think of the new website.  Phone readers may not see the dramatic change as much as…


Shades for Migraine Photo Contest Nominee. Please Vote!

This year, a few of my photos have been entered into a best photos contest.  Please vote for these picture!!!!!!!  It is a great encouragement and way to stay involved.  Follow the links below for each category and please vote.


Puppy Alert….We’ve Added to Our Family

Puppy Alert….We’ve Added to Our Family. A Golden Retriever Puppy!!!

SensaCalm Weighted Blanket

Allay Lamp

Axon Optics

Headache Hat

Offers Scentless Products

Himilayan Salt Lamp

Heat Wrap

Nuun Hydration

Organic Aromas

Migraine Magick


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