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Ginger for Migraine Nausea Ginger people

Navigating Migraine Nausea: Ginger People to the Rescue

Ginger is a natural remedy that some people find helpful in managing migraine. While research on its effectiveness is limited, some studies suggest that ginger may have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.  Ginger for nausea is often ...
chronic daily headache

Chronic Daily Headaches: Head Pain Derails My Life

I live with chronic daily headaches. For the last 3 weeks I have been in a migraine cycle from hell and with that comes daily persistent headaches. Hell is the only place to describe it. I ...
spoonie theory spoon theory

What is Spoon Theory (Spoonie Theory) and How Does it Work?

The Spoon Theory is a metaphor created by Christine Miserandino, a person living with lupus, to help explain the limited energy and daily challenges faced by individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities. This metaphorical concept is ...
Stomach Migraine Abdominal Migraine

What is Abdominal Migraine? Stomach Migraine Revealed

Stomach migraine or abdominal migraine can occur with or without head pain.  I have always had severe nausea and vomiting with higher-level migraine attacks.  The pain becomes too much and my body just heaves in pain.  ...
sugar migraine

What is Migraine Sugar Craving and How Do I Stop It?

The relationship between sugar and migraine is complex and can vary from person to person. While sugar itself is not a direct cause of migraine, it may contribute to triggering attacks in some individuals through various ...
migraine buddy

Migraine Buddy App: Free Migraine and Headache Tracking App

Migraine Buddy App is a migraine and headache tracking app.  They already have a version for Android and it has been a great success.  Migraine Buddy is a tracking and reporting app.  It is designed by ...