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Headache Hat Halo

Best Headache Hat Ice Halo for Migraine

My favorite migraine product is Headache Hat Ice Halo for Migraine and other ailments! Ice therapy is crucial in treating migraine. If you have ...
Why is Healthcare so Unaffordable?

Why is Healthcare So Unaffordable?

Why is Healthcare so unaffordable? This week I was notified that my copay for an already expensive medication was raised. I ...
Epsom salt bath benefits

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for Migraine Relief

Epsom salt bath benefits provide migraine symptom relief for me. Epsom salt benefits are plentiful. Taking a bath has become ...

Diffusing Oils for Self Care

I diffuse oils for self care, more energy and better health. Today I started our morning out by diffusing orange ...
self care and love February edition

Self Care and Love: February Edition

February is the month for self care and love! In November, I focus on all the people and things I'm ...
Zecuity Patch

Zecuity Patch: Discontinued Migraine Patch

Zecuity Patch was a discontinued migraine patch that did not work for me. I just ran across this article I wrote in ...