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Headache Hat Halo

Best Headache Hat Ice Halo for Migraine

My favorite migraine product is Headache Hat Ice Halo for Migraine and other ailments! Ice therapy is crucial in treating migraine. If you have ...
Weighted Blanket to Go

Best Weighted Travel Blanket by SensaCalm

Migraine affects the entire body, and a weighted travel blanket helps me. Last year, I fell in love with SensaCalm's weighted ...
Migraine Magick relief giveaway

Migraine Magick Giveaway

Migraine Magick giveaway begins! I love the holidays! November is a time to talk about thankfulness and gratitude.   I'm saving those ...
Dehydration Headaches

Can Dehydration Cause Headaches?

Can dehydration cause headaches? Yes! And for me, dehydration triggers my migraine. The good news is that it is avoidable. The ...

Best Clean Beauty Products

I have had the chance to judge some of the best clean beauty products. I have been asked to be ...
Epsom salt bath benefits

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for Migraine Relief

Epsom salt bath benefits provide migraine symptom relief for me. Epsom salt benefits are plentiful. Taking a bath has become ...