Do Migraine Attacks Give You Nightmares?

Do migraine attacks give you nightmares?

Do migraine attacks give you nightmares? I have had a reoccurring dream about screaming and no sound coming out. It has happened a few times, each time in a different way. Once, I was on a roller coaster and tried to scream like I did as a child going down the hill and nothing came out. Another time I dreamt of someone attacking me, and I couldn’t scream for help. Over the years, I have talked quieter and quieter. It hurts to speak because the sound is too loud inside my head. I’m unsure if not being able to scream is a metaphor for how this monster makes me want to scream in pain and anger or how it has taken my volume away.

Migraine Nightmares

Since these dreams, I have learned that I can scream. I woke up one night screaming into my pillow. When I was crying, I didn’t know a sound like that could come out of my mouth, yelling. I was fortunate to do it face down into my pillow and mattress without waking my children and neighbors. When I came out of my screaming sleeping state and realized where I was, I reached for the phone to call my mom. My husband was out of town, and I needed my mom to help. It was a migraine nightmare, and I was awake.

At that point, I realized that I could not speak. I could squeak a “maaaw” sound, and my mom instantly told me she was on her way. I won’t go into the days of sheer mind-bending pain I lived in afterward. My children and I moved in with my parents because I slipped in and out of consciousness until my Migraine finally broke. I have had hundreds of migraine attacks, if not thousands, and a few of them are life-changing. This was one of them. Since then, I have not had a dream about not being able to scream. It was better when I didn’t know because now the sound of my screams haunts me, and so does the migraine monster inside me.

Migraine Dreams

Dream Symbol

I Dreamed a Dream by Susan Boyle

Reoccurring dreams and Migraine

A Dream you dream Alone is Only a Dream

Broken wings with Migraine and Illness

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Sarah Rathsack

I tell stories of My Migraine Life. Living life through Migraine consists of advocacy, treatment, prevention, and searching for health and happiness in a positive honest way. My kids, husband, dog, family and friends motivate me to make a difference in the Migraine World.
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