Fl-41 Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity

fl 41 migraine light sensitivity glasses

Axon Optics has created best FL-41 glasses. FL-41 tint has been proven to help with conditions associated with light sensitivity. For those of you that may benefit from light sensitivity glasses to help with photophobia, light sensitivity, and migraine triggers, I highly recommend Axon Optics! I have been wearing Axon Optics for several years now. With all my reviews, Axon Optics is one of my favorites. They are my favorite because I need and wear them often.

Because of my love for them, there are *affiliate links in this post, and I will be rewarded with a small commission. Hopefully, you will be rewarded with less eye strain and migraine symptoms and trigger relief. I benefit from their glasses and recommend them without being influenced. I am not a doctor, so please refer to your doctor or optometrist for concerns.

Tinted Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity glasses are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Furthermore, They are beneficial in their ways. FL-41 drinks reported a reduced soft impact, and 87% saw a decline in headache impact.

What does FL-41 Tint do?

Only specific wavelengths of light trigger migraines and exacerbate your light sensitivity or photophobia. So, It successfully blocks the distressing portion of the light spectrum, which bothers light-sensitive people and causes cumulative eye damage over a lifetime.


  • Glasses for outdoors
    • sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, bright snowy days (all weather!)
  • Glasses for light sensitivity inside
    • shopping, at home, at work, at sporting events
    • Florescent lights and migraines are not friends.
      • office lighting for migraine sufferers is the worst!
      • glasses for fluorescent light sensitivity can help!

I wear them everywhere. I keep my indoor pair in my purse for all events and my outdoor ones in my car. Migraine light sensitivity glasses are needed in so many different lights. To wear Axon Fl-41 eyewear indoors and outdoors, tinting is applied to separate pairs of glasses so that you have a dark team for outdoor wear and a lighter couple for indoors.

Where to Buy Fl 41 Tinted Glasses?

Additionally, Axon Optics has fantastic customer service. They can and will answer your questions immediately. If you want to get precisely what you need for your specific needs, they are a company that wants to help, and they do!

Axon is so generous that they offer MyMigraineLife readers a coupon code to use for themselves or a gift for a loved one.

Order them today; I think you’ll love them!

They also sell CBD oil

Axon Optics Discount Code:


for 10% off now until Dec. 16

Interested more in light and migraine? The Allay Lamp is green and may help!

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