Happy Birthday to Me: How I Just Keep Swimming

just keep swimming

Happy Birthday to Me…I just keep swimming. At least that’s what Dory taught me. Yeah, it’s my birthday!!!!  Thank you for all the well wishes on my day. My summer birthday has always been a fun time for me to celebrate and always shadowed by migraine. Many years ago, I took my kids to see Finding Dory for my birthday. And every year since, the phrase “Just Keep Swimming” resonates with me while living with migraine.

“Just Keep Swimming” is a motivational phrase from the popular animated movie “Finding Nemo,” and it’s a wonderful mantra for navigating life’s challenges and staying resilient. As I celebrate my birthday, I try to take a moment to reflect on how far I’ve come and the obstacles I’ve overcome. Life is filled with ups and downs, but by embodying the spirit of “just keep swimming,” I try to maintain a positive outlook and keep moving forward, no matter what comes my way.

I embrace the journey, cherish the moments, and continue to persevere with determination and optimism. Here’s to another year of growth, joy, and making wonderful memories!

Dory Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming” is a phrase that encourages perseverance, resilience, and maintaining a positive attitude despite challenges.

As I celebrate my birthday, I take a moment to reflect on how far I’ve come and the experiences that have shaped me.

I embrace the lessons I’ve learned and the growth I’ve achieved.

I remember that each day is an opportunity to keep swimming toward my goals, dreams, and aspirations.

I keep that determination alive and hope my journey is filled with joy, success, and endless positivity.

Happy Birthday to Me

How was my day?

[2022] My kid’s theme for the swim team this year was, you guessed it, Just Keep Swimming. I cry every year watching the swim team. Swimming is hard! There is no stopping with swimming. And sometimes going slower is even harder to get through. I am impressed with the fast swimmers, but those ones who finish last but FINISHED touch my heart. Summer is my favorite season! Keep swimming and making waves in the sea of life!

just keep swimming

[2016] I was busy and felt pretty well.  I decided to cancel my massage and take my children to see Finding Dory.  This is the last week before school starts and they wanted to go all Summer, so my birthday was the day…

We started by painting our nails with Dory nail polish and lip gloss.  Then we baked cookies and painted with edible paint and decals.  Yum!  Nothing says a birthday like cooking and crafting with my babies!

Throughout the day, I ate way too much junk food, forgot to take a picture of my cake, and was up most of the night in pain with my mind racing with the upcoming week. (next week school starts)

With the Summer ending and school beginning, I took notes from Dory (as I always do with children’s movies) and embraced, “Just keep swimming!”  This has been a rough summer for me migraine-wise, as always, and I hope this fall brings nothing but joy and new adventures in good health.

For the entire year, in good times and bad, sickness and health, I want to remind you all to just keep swimming.  Sometimes things may seem really hard, dark, and lonely.  Other times may feel too good to be true.

Through it all, Dory reminds us to:

Just Keep Swimming

When faced with a new challenge, look around and find a way

Friends can become a family with devotion and love

Family can help you find the way home

Happy Birthday to Me: How I Just Keep Swimming


So as my family faces many new adventures this school year, we are all going to keep swimming and find our way!

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