Sarah Rathsack

Sarah Rathsack

I live My Migraine Life every day. What does that mean?
It means I live my life as a mom, wife, coworker, and advocate as someone living life through migraine.
I share my experiences about life consisting of products and treatments I have tried, migraine symptoms I have experienced, constant triggers that interrupt my life, ways I advocate, and self-care.
It is my hope that you can learn from my experiences and find your own path in advocacy, migraine, and health.


I am not a doctor, in fact I’m a former intervention specialist and preschool teacher. I now focus my work on migraine advocacy. My experiences are not going to be your experiences. It is my hope that you can learn from My Migraine Life and feel less alone with what you may relate to

As a migraine advocate, I am always looking for ways to connect and chat, try new products, promote events and change the migraine world for the better.

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