Is it OK to Take Kids Out of School for Vacation?

Is it OK to Take Kids Out of School for Vacation?

Is it ok to take kids out of school for vacation?

My answer is YES, when done thoughtfully!  We try to make each trip a lesson in life with hands on experiences.  Want to hear more about how we incorporate lessons into vacation?  Read Lessons Your Children Learn or Miss on Vacation or Disney World. The good, bad and migraine

Our most recent trip to Arizona provided us with lessons consisting of maps, plants, baking, animals, hikes, charity, bugs, books, markers and glitter.

And best of all………. FUN!

Do you think it’s OK to take kids out of school for vacation?

Where have you been that taught lessons outside of school?


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  1. Debbie Rathsack on March 10, 2019 at 10:14 am

    Looks like an amazing time with the family especially the kids!

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