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I’m always wearing light sensitivity glasses for migraine relief. Photophobia is a migraine trigger. Because of this, I have been in search of the best sunglasses and eye protection for years.  I found my favorite with Axon Optics.

” Axon Optics eye wear features Axon’s Spectrashield FL-41 lens that filters out the harsh light and has been shown to block the light implicated in triggering and aggravating migraines and light sensitivity.”

I have been a fan and affiliate (this post contains affiliate links) for Axon Optics for years. I am always impressed by their constant research and customer service that provide ongoing feedback and improvements.

Recently, I was given a new pair of indoor and outdoor glasses. Axon glasses are FL-41 coated which helps with migraine fluorescent lights.

I love them both!  Here are the ways I wore them last week.

Tinted Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Recently, I participated in the Autism Speaks walk.  Although I was outside, the clouds were giving off a terrible glare that day.  It was too cloudy to wear dark sunglasses and too bright to wear anything.  So I put on my Axon Optics indoor glasses and was able to enjoy my day.

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light sensitive trigger migraine

“Long Live Rock” at the Rock n Roll Hall of fame

Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity

I went to ALDS Indian’s game.  We lost but it was a beautiful day.  With all the over-stimulation of noise, sun, excitement, and chaos, I needed my Axon Optics outdoor glasses.  I love that they don’t look like “special glasses”.  When wearing my glasses, I like that they feel light and fit nicely to my head.  I have always been able to find the correct glasses for my needs, face shape, and sensitivities.

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tinted glasses for light sensitivity

Dalliance outdoor glasses

Axon Optics Review

In conclusion, I give them two thumbs up!! ????????  Most noteworthy, I don’t talk about products I don’t use and these glasses are in my purse at all times!  You’ll see me advocating in glasses often. For outdoor and indoor light sensitivity needs, I reach for my Axons.

As a result, of Axon Optics’ generosity, they offer a special discount for My Migraine Lifers!

Use code MyMigraineLife10

Buy Now

 The code is only good through Monday, October 15, 2018

Light Sensitivity Help

Allay Lamp

Norb Light


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