Migraine and Headache Awareness Month MHAM

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month MHAM

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) is in June. Every year, I participate in migraine and headache awareness month, week, and days. I have been honoring National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month since 2015 and you can follow it back through the years. MHAM aims to decrease stigma,  increase awareness, and make some virtual noise through advocacy during the month. Every year I try to do a little bit more about migraine. It’s the little things that count and in June, I try to talk about or do more advocacy. For the rest of the year I am a full-time migraine advocate, but let’s talk about MHAM.

Please follow and share my information during this time with your audience. You never know who is living with migraine or a headache disorder in silence and who you could be helping.

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Participate in Migraine and Headache Awareness Month MHAM

Donate to Miles for Migraine

To start the month out, I’d like to ask for your donation and participation with an organization that you’ve heard me talk about…..Miles for Migraine.

Miles for Migraine is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with migraine and headache disease by funding fellowship programs to alleviate the doctor shortage, while creating a supportive community for patients and their families through patient – participatory programs and events.

On July 13 I will be walking and speaking at the annual Cleveland Miles for Migraine walk/run/relax. This event raises funds for Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals neurology, and Miles for Migraine. This money allows events to be free and supports headache fellowships in these clinic programs. 

If you are local and want to participate but are unable to walk/run we’d love for you to come anyway!  +Join my team and come to meet all the wonderful advocates and migraine supporters.  There will be a quiet tent to rest and you are not obligated to walk.  Your donation and presence are much appreciated!  We are all doing what we can do and any effort is spoons well spent.

Ask a Friend, Co-worker, or Loved One to Help Raise money

If you want to donate but don’t have the funds.  I totally get it.  Between the price of medications and therapies and difficulty with keeping a job, it can be even harder to donate.  Remember that $10 makes a difference.  Each dollar goes a long way and any donation takes us a step closer to helping many! If none of these are an option, please share this post.  Sharing is caring and if you can’t support maybe a friend can.  It’s all about not being alone and spreading a message.  Everyone can share! Teaching your audience/social media followers how strong you are to be fighting migraine for yourself or for others will go really far.

miles for migraine medal

Past walk/run/relax experiences

Cleveland Miles for Migraine 2022 was Fundraising Fun

Cleveland 5k Results 2021: Raising Money for Migraine

Cleveland Virtual Results 2020

Cincinnati 202

Miles for Migraine Cleveland 2019 Results

Phoenix 2019

Cleveland Miles for Migraine Results and Accomplishments 2018

Miles for Migraine Virtual Walk 2017

Wear Purple

The national migraine awareness color is purple. By wearing purple I feel like I’m honoring the topic just a bit more. I like to wear my Miles for Migraine T-shirts because they are purple and a conversation starter. By wearing the swag that I’ve earned fundraising or through participating in the walk/run/relax events, I always have people ask me about it. I’ve had a lot of nice conversations about migraine when wearing the shirt and being approached.

While purple is the official migraine and headache awareness color. Chronic Migraine Awareness CMA has also initiated purple and red ribbons to represent chronic migraine awareness. They encourage you to “turn your porch light purple” by lighting up your house or building to show support. #shinealight

If you are looking to buy migraine swag, I recommend Achy Smile Use code: MYMIGRAINE for 15% off. Erica is a long-time migraine advocate whom I met at Retreat Migraine and always look forward to advocating with.

Wear purple sunglasses for a good cause. Shades for Migraine Sunglasses and their campaign on June 21st is always a fun way to raise awareness.

Follow and Share Content

Every day I’ll be posting and sharing information and migraine facts. Pass it along! Posting more about migraine and headache disorders will teach your audience a bit more and allow them to relate. You never know how many people and families are affected by migraine and sharing is caring.

Facebook recommendation. Like and invite friends to like My Migraine Life on Facebook. Simply go to my page and click “Invite a friend” It’s a simple way to introduce your friends and yourself to a migraine advocacy page to get information year-round.

Tag friends and family with migraine. The friends you have will know you are supporting them. If you do, you will find more friends who suffer in silence once you talk about it.



Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Hashtags

  • #MHAM Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
  • #clusterheadaches Cluster Headaches
  • #migraine Migraine
  • #headache Headache
  • #chronicmigraine Chronic Migraine
  • #hemiplegicmigraine Hemiplegic Migraine

Sign Up for an Event

There are many events on social media and in person throughout the year. I encourage you to sign up for a free education event, an in-person walk/run/relax or event or support group. This knowledge and support can help you connect and learn about migraine and headache disorders.

Help Secure Official Proclamations from Local Governments

Official proclamations from local governments help to acknowledge the impact of headache and migraine in our communities and demonstrate governmental support for those affected. Every proclamation obtained solidifies the importance of awareness and education surrounding headache and migraine. It also creates an official record that can be used to further advocacy efforts and build support within the community. Find out how

Migraine and Headache Disorders Awareness Calendar

June 1: Headache at Work

On the first day of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, kick-off #MHAM by recognizing Headache & Migraine at Work Day. Raise awareness for the need for employer accommodations for people living and working with migraine disease and headache disorders. Annually, more than 157 million workdays are lost in the United States. When combining both direct and indirect costs, U.S. companies lose $78 billion a year to migraine. Learn more about how to build a migraine-friendly workplace from Migraine at Work: migraineatwork.org

migraine at work

Wear purple to work in June to show support for people living with migraine or raise awareness of the disease. Whether you’re working from home or at an office, you can start a conversation about migraine.  I have had a variety of experiences when it comes to migraine at work. I have had some support me, some shame and stigmatize me, and others who never knew. It’s a range of emotions and needs when it comes to working with migraine and most places of employment could use some knowledge on accommodations and support.

Migraine at Work: 13 Ways to Survive

Migraine and Working at a Restaurant

June 2: Miles for Migraine Illinois

Miles for Migraine will host its 9th annual 2-mile Walk, 5K Run and Relax Illinois Event hosted in Chicago on Sunday, June 2nd, at Montrose Beach at Lincoln Park. This event is a fundraiser for Migraine & Headache Awareness, Treatment & Research. It’s more than a walk/run – come connect with your local migraine & headache community, listen to our speakers & visit sponsors in the festival area. Registration is free!!

June 5: Migraine Myths Dispelled: Facebook Live Event

Join Migraine Meanderings on June 5 at 2 pm EST for an Open Mic Q&A with Dr. Thomas Berk (Neura Health) and Shoshana Lipson (Migraine Meanderings). We’ll be talking about migraine myths and replacing fiction with fact. Come with your live questions!

June 6: Military with Headache Diseases

Event Details

Today we acknowledge the men and women who serve our country and live with headache disease. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to post-traumatic headache disorder, where headache and migraine can show up weeks or months after an injury and the debilitating symptoms can last for years. Operation Brainstorm from the National Headache Foundation is a health resource initiative for the military community. Learn more: headaches.org/operationbrainstorm

military with headache disease

Something that I learned in my AHDA training is that “New data show that 350,000 Global War on Terror (GWOT) veterans sustained TBIs. Nearly half of GWOT veterans with deployment-related TBI, reported headaches 15 or more days per month and 89% met the criteria for migraine.” AHDA and The Headache and Migraine Policy Forum work hard to make changes.

June 7: Remembrance Day

During #MHAM, we honor those we’ve lost to migraine/headache disease. Please light a candle or light your home with a purple light on June 7 at 6 pm EST in remembrance. Then take a picture and share it on social media with #ShineALight. You are encouraged to “Shine-a-light”‘ for those that we have lost to migraine. Light up your porch purple to honor these people and their families!

Remembrance Day honors Melissa Dwyer, who died by suicide at age 22 on this day in 2013, as well as others whose headache disorders, migraine, and cluster diseases have also led to tragedy. The Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation is also a family that lost a beloved daughter to migraine and fights tirelessly so no family ever has to endure their pain again.

They launched a migraine at-school campaign that I am proud to help with. And strive to help migraine at school a better place.

June 11: Migraine at Work Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • Why migraine is a common issue for employees
  • How it hides in plain sight
  • The heavy cost for employers when left unaddressed
  • When it’s worth initiating a conversation with your employer
  • How to initiate a conversation with your employer
  • What rights do employees have for accommodations
  • The pros and cons of remaining anonymous with migraine
  • What employers can do to retain you and create healthier workplaces?

There will also be time for Q&A and discussion with Migraine World Summit hosts Carl Cincinnato and Paula K. Dumas.

June 16: Med with Headache Diseases

Today we acknowledge the millions of men who are living with headache disease. Headache is gender blind. 10.7% of men in the United States have experienced migraine or severe headache. If you are a man living with the symptoms of headache, migraine, or cluster, take the steps to get an accurate diagnosis. You deserve treatment and relief.

June 19: Disparities in Headache

We call on all people living with headache diseases to join us in fighting systemic racism and unconscious biases to eliminate health disparities. African Americans bear the brunt of existing healthcare challenges, especially when related to headache diseases. We seek to advance this conversation on Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”), a holiday that commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States. CHAMP is gathering resources for the black community in hopes that it helps on your headache journey.

June 20: Headache Diseases and Men (Father’s Day)

Did you know that 6 to 8 percent of men live with migraine? It’s often stigmatized as a woman’s disease when migraine does not discriminate. Father’s Day, serves as a reminder that dads, grandpas, uncles, and sons all live with migraine.

June 21: Wear a Pair of Shades

Show you care, wear a pair. The Shades for Migraine Challenge shows we care for the 1 billion people living with migraine worldwide. Join the movement, show you care, and wear a pair on June 21 during Migraine Awareness Month MHAM 2020!

You can do your part to raise awareness for this disease by following three simple steps.

  1. Wear a pair of shades on June 21
  2. Post a photo with #ShadesForMigraine #MHAM
  3. Challenge three others to take part, too!

world migraine day MHAM

This is one of my favorite days of the month and is so simple to participate in. Started by the Association of Migraine Disorders, Shades for Migraine unites those who live with migraine by providing purple sunglasses and encouraging others to wear shades. Use #ShadesForMigraine. Their initiative is “Taking It to the Streets”, which spreads awareness at popular locations. This year’s location is a billboard in Times Square, New York City. Take a close look on June 21 and see if you recognize anyone. I’m excited to announce that my family has been chosen to represent this campaign and be featured on the billboard!!!!

Past Shades for Migraine events:

Shades for Migraine Pet Photo and Funniest Photo Winner

Wear Shades for Migraine on World Migraine Day

June 22: Cure for cluster 5k

Join Clusterbusters in raising awareness for #ClusterHeadache! Our 9th Annual VIRTUAL #CureforCluster 5k will be Sat, June 22, 2024. Unfortunately, due to rising shipping costs & tariffs, 5k Race Bags are only available to U.S. residents this year.

Miles for Migraine will host its 6th annual 2-mile Walk, 5K Run, and Relax Buffalo Event on Saturday, June 22nd, at Delaware Park. This event is a fundraiser for Migraine & Headache Awareness MHAM, Treatment & Research. It’s more than a walk/run – come connect with your local migraine & headache community, listen to our speakers & visit sponsors in the festival area. Registration is free!!

June 28: Chat & Snack: Migraine Myths, Truths & Action

This is a live group discussion about life with migraine, as we look at the theme of MHAM this year – — Myth, Truth, ACTION! Note: This event is open to anyone who lives with migraine, and it is not recorded. Pre-registration required. Register here now and look for an email with the Zoom link and invitation!

June 29: Chronic Migraine Awareness Day

June 29 is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day acknowledging the estimated six million people living with this disease. CMA Day strives to end the stigma and bring awareness to chronic migraine.

June 29 is a day to Rally Against Chronic Migraine. People with Chronic Migraine Rally Against Chronic Migraine Disease every day!  Rally is the CMA mascot and is featured on migraine awareness tattoos and pennants. Since clapping and ringing bells are triggers for people with migraine, their pennants, tattoos, and migraine awareness ribbon are the perfect solution! Red and purple are the colors for Chronic Migraine Awareness. While purple is the color for migraine, the red stripe differentiates Chronic Migraine.



ComorbidityCon, is a groundbreaking virtual panel event hosted by Chronic Migraine Awareness (CMA). ComorbidityCon aims to delve into the intricate world of aligned migraine comorbidities, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of migraine and its interconnectedness with other health conditions.

Chronic migraine is rarely an isolated experience, often occurring alongside other medical conditions known as comorbidities. Comorbidities can significantly impact the course and management of migraine, yet they are frequently overlooked or misunderstood. At ComorbidityCon, we’re bringing together leading experts and advocates to explore these interconnected health issues and their implications for individuals living with migraine.

Our panelists will engage in insightful discussions covering a range of topics, including:

  • Common Comorbidities: Explore the most prevalent comorbidities associated with chronic migraine, such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and sleep disorders, and understand their interplay with migraine symptoms and treatment outcomes.
  • Impact on Quality of Life: Learn how comorbidities can exacerbate migraine symptoms and affect overall quality of life, highlighting the importance of holistic approaches to migraine management.
  • Treatment Strategies: Gain insights into integrated treatment approaches that address both migraine and its comorbidities, empowering individuals to achieve better health outcomes and improved well-being.
  • Advocacy and Support: Discover resources and advocacy efforts aimed at raising awareness of aligned migraine comorbidities, reducing stigma, and promoting access to comprehensive care.

ComorbidityCon is not just a discussion—it’s a call to action. By increasing awareness and understanding of aligned migraine comorbidities, we can empower individuals to advocate for themselves, access appropriate care, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

Past Migraine and Headache Awareness Months

Educate Yourself, Educate Others: MHAM 2023

This year’s MHAM theme is “Educate yourself, educate others.” To go along with this, I have a lot of ways that you can educate yourselves and others.

  1. Follow all of the above social and share, comment, and like Migraine and Headache Awareness Month posts. #MHAM
  2. Donate to my Migraine and Headache Disorder fundraiser.
  3. Check the calendar below and see the details below

MHAM calendar

June 2-10: Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy annual Headache on the Hill event. As you may recall, I was a part of Headache on the Hill this year and it was a very powerful experience.  AHDA advocates for more equitable federal policies toward Americans with disabling headache disorders.  Register and during the week of the event, participants are encouraged to post pictures on social media of themselves walking, running, or doing the activity of their choice. #HOHVirtualWalkRunRelax.

Headache on the Hill

A New Era of Care: MHAM 2021

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2021 has begun! The 2021 MHAM theme is “A New Era of Care.” I gave my subscribers a little sneak peek of the month and now I’ll give some more details on ways to advocate, raise money, and decrease stigma. By doing any of these actions, migraine disease is being “seen” and “heard” virtually. So, participate how you can, and help support MHAM 2021! #MHAM

ALL MONTH LONG…I’m fundraising to raise money for the Cleveland Clinic, where the proceeds for this event go to. It supports a fellowship program that encourages doctors to go into the migraine and headache disorders field. There are far too few qualified and knowledgeable doctors surrounding migraine and Miles for Migraine aims to close the gap in MANY ways. I have seen firsthand where some of this money is going and I am so proud to be yet again, participating and fundraising for this incredible organization!  After a year of virtual events, Cleveland will have a hybrid event where participants can walk locally or virtually by walking, running, or doing self-care.

Check out my Cleveland Results!

You Need Community: MHAM 2020

Migraine Awareness Month MHAM 2020 begins June 1st. June 1st, wear purple to work or home day. To begin with, purple is migraine awareness color. Because of that, you can show solidarity for the 40 million people in America living with migraine disease and headache disorders by wearing purple. If you want to know how Migraine Awareness Month got started, check out MHAM’s history. This year, the theme of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month theme is “You Need Community.”

Join me as I partner with Shades for Migraine to urge insurers to provide better access to life-changing migraine treatments. The petition is urging healthcare payors to provide better access to migraine and headache treatment. They have tried to make it general enough to be appropriate for people in all countries to amplify and benefit from. Sign the petition to take a stand to eliminate healthcare barriers. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family so they can show their support for this issue that is impacting you! Help us reach 50,000 signatures!

migraine awareness month 2020

If you support improved access to the best and safest treatments, let your voice be heard.  Sign your name and ask family and friends to show their support, too. Help us reach 50,000 signatures by December 31, 2020. https://www.change.org/MigrainePetition

Identify Your Local Legislative Representatives*

  1. Common Cause lists your federal, state, and local representatives
  2. Go on your representative’s personal website to identify their social media handles, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  3. C-Span has a list of Representative and Senator Twitter handles

*(source via Miles for Migraine)

Sowing the Seeds: National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2019

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Theme 2019

How you can Participate:

  1. Share migraine facts, retweet, and comment on posts.
  2. Enter giveaways
  1. Donate to Miles for Migraine
    1. My next walk/run/relax event is in Cincinnati. I will be fundraising/walking/speaking at the event. Please support my efforts by joining the team or donating.  $5, $10, $20, $50. Every penny counts!!!

Migraine Awareness Week and Month 2018

Migraine Awareness Month Calendar MHAM

Today marks the first day of migraine awareness week and the month of 2018! I know a lot of you are thinking, “But how can I help?”  This month I will be sharing information and advocacy opportunities from a variety of migraine organizations that I am involved with and follow. I can’t wait for you to get involved too.

The simplest way to participate is by sharing information, following on all social media, and virtually “making some noise.”  Share with your followers how you live life with migraine and migraine facts to help break down the stigma. Use hashtag #MHAM

miles for migraine blanket

Migraine Awareness Month 2017

migraine and headache awareness month 2017

Migraine Awareness Month MHAM 2017 begins today! Full disclosure, I’m a bit behind on posting due to a migraine cycle that will not go away! Each day, I will be participating and challenging myself to do some advocacy for migraine and headache awareness.

I think you will be shocked to see how many people live with migraine and headache disorders. Many people I have run into say, “I don’t suffer like you, but I do get headaches or migraines in my own way…….” We all experience migraine differently but can learn so much from each other. Through others, they can learn from my experiences, and I can learn from theirs. Supporters (parents, friendsco-workers, bosses, neighbors) will learn how to help a loved one and understand the depths of migraine and headache disorders. 

Migraine Awareness Bracelet

migraine awareness bracelet

Ways to Participate in MHAM 2017

Enter to win a Migraine Awareness Bracelet 

Fundraise for migraine and headache disorders

Learn new information and treatment options

Find and receive ways of support

Make some social media “noise”

Rule Your Headache Disorder: National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2016

MHAM 2016 is here. June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month and I have a few things planned to raise awareness and have a little fun. I’m going to show you how I wear migraine awareness. I’ll mention some great causes you can donate to, give you other ways to support migraine awareness, and Giveaway some of the things I use! It’ll be even better than last year! Remember to use #MHAM

The theme for migraine and headache awareness month 2016 is “Rule your Headache Disorder.” To “rule” our headache disorders, we have to take charge of our health and health care and stay actively engaged in our own treatment. Each day I will be posting a prompt for you to learn and pass on through social media.  Please be sure to follow me and share this with your community to raise awareness.

Migraine Facts 2016

Here are some migraine facts you can share.

  1. 75% of the world’s adults had a headache or migraine attack in the last year.
  2. The majority of people with headache disorders and migraine are not diagnosed.
  3. Accurate diagnosis of cluster headaches can take years
  4. @WHO says Migraine is the 8th most disabling disease in the world.
  5. Migraine can and does kill through stroke and suicide.
  6. Patients with NDPH usually know the exact date their daily headaches started.
  7. Social Stigma increases the burden of living with migraine.
  8. Migraine is a neurological disease caused by genetics and a hypersensitive brain.

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2015

migraine awareness month 2015

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2015 MHAM is officially over but advocacy can last all year long! A lot happened during National Migraine and Headache Disorder Awareness Month #MHAM.  I learned, hopefully, taught, raised money, and did my part to raise awareness.  Migraine is grossly underfunded and migraine treatment is not adequate.  Stigma and understanding need to change in many ways and any advocacy helps.  Thank you to anyone who participated, shared, and supported migraine awareness this month and every day.

Here are some migraine fact photos you can share.

Migraine Awareness Fundraiser 2015

For National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month 2015, I ran a fundraiser in June to support migraine awareness. I raised money for Migraine Research Foundation through the Jamberry fundraiser.   It “raises money to fund research into the causes of migraine, to develop improved treatments for sufferers, and to find the cure.” Money raised from the nail fundraiser was given to Migraine Research Foundation

migraine awareness month 2015 MHAM

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