Migraine Blogging Anniversary: How My Experiences May Help You

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This post dates back to my very first blog entry. My Migraine Blogging Anniversary has come and gone many years since then. This post gives updates every year (or a few years) that are a walk down memory lane, the lessons I’ve learned, how my health has evolved, and some popular posts.


[UPDATED May 27, 2020]

Today is my 6th migraine blogging anniversary. 6 years has been a long and amazing journey. When I started my blog, I didn’t know what one was. I didn’t follow any blogs and I had trouble figuring out what association was with what foundation doing what campaign. It took me a long time to find my footing in advocacy. Wow, have these groups grown! I feel good as I have watched all these websites grow and I’m happy to be a part of it. Many of us have paved the way for more migraine bloggers and advocates. It has to lead me down a path that provides strength, support, knowledge but without firm answers to my health.

6th Migraine Blogger Anniversary

I had no idea when I posted my first post that it would serve as a day to remember years down the line. It also is a day that I’ve celebrated for 15 years. Long before I started my blog, my soul mate animal was born. My therapy dog and best friend’s birthday is today. She passed away 2 years ago and I am still dealing with grief. I believe I will always hold sadness and longing for her. It has been an enormous hurdle and those of you that have had an emotional support pet understand.

I first began with a blog challenge for migraine and headache awareness month. Each year I participate in awareness month and it grows hugely. I’m so proud of the people I have aligned with and for spreading the word of these fantastic advocates.

I’d love to walk down memory lane but I’m more interested in hearing what you think.

  • What are your favorite blog posts I’ve written?
  • What topics and events do you enjoy learning about?
  • Have you been impacted by my blog? How?
  • What would you like to see that I’m missing?
  • How are you impacted by migraine and why do you follow?

Please let a comment below and I will follow up with social media comments also. A blogging anniversary is a time to celebrate and renew.




Happy Anniversary Blog

Mostly, I’d like to thank all of the followers and people who have supported me on this journey. My fundraisers for Miles for Migraine would not be able to be a success without your funds. You are the inspiration to help keep me going. Blogging with migraine is not easy and difficult to keep up with. Financially, it is something I try to get funded so that I can continue but it is difficult. Each product you buy from my affiliate links allows me to fund my blog and efforts. Thank you!

Each comment fuels me! Every share inspires me. And each follows numerically shows me growth. Please continue to follow, share, comment, and support My Migraine Life.  Without you, the world of migraine would be less seen and more stigmatized.

Comment below and follow on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Thank you!!!!!

[UPDATED May 14, 2019]

My Migraine Life Blog is 5

Today I got the notification that it’s my 5th migraine blogging anniversary. Wow, 5 years! I started my blog not knowing what a blog was. I didn’t know where it would lead, and my passion had only grown.

Follow and share My Migraine Life Blog:




Thank you to everyone reading and following the My Migraine Life blog. Some of you have been with me since day one, sharing, retweeting, commenting, and liking my posts. Many of you have grown with me over the years and become My Migraine Lifers as a person living with migraine, caregivers, and supporters. Every person added to my community gives me more incentive to keep working. Your feedback reminds me that this thing that plagues me is much greater than my battle. I’m fighting for the 37 million millions more families friends and people worldwide.


My migraine blogging anniversary is celebrated this year with some updates.

[UPDATED October 28, 2018]

My Migraine Life Update

First, I’ve relocated my blog to www.mymigrainelife.net. It has been a long time coming, and please let me know what you think of the new website. Phone readers may not see the dramatic change as much as computer users. I’m trying to feature all the hard work over the years and make my resources easier to find and explore. I appreciate feedback on the look, the info, and how things are categorized.

Also, if you have any past posts that you have enjoyed, I’d love to hear about them! I’m going back and revamping a few to make them searchable. Please message me or comment on some that have made you think, related to, and touched your mind or heart. I’ve written many and want to start with the ones that My Migraine Lifers love the most!

My Migraine Life Updated Gift Guide

Second, I’ve been working on my gift guide for migraine. It’s a tradition that I look forward to each year. Connecting with brands I love, product reviews to give you information, discounts for holiday presents, and GIVEAWAYS!!!! Each year I eliminate and add new products I’ve used over the year. Promotions for these products will begin soon!!! Take advantage of the deals.

Update on Advocacy

Last but possibly most importantly, I have worked with many advocates and migraine organizations/foundations. I aim to be well-rounded in my advocacy by touching personal lives with My Migraine Life while raising funds for Miles for Migraine (charity) and collaborating with some powerhouse advocates and organizations like American Migraine Foundation.

Life Update

I have been trying new treatments without success yet. I’ve been teaching, which is exhausting, and trying to change the world, one preschooler at a time. As always, my babies have consumed my mind, body, and soul, and we continue to march on while kindergarten meltdowns have surfaced (I’m not the only one who’s tired and cranky!) Along with all of this, I’ve been adjusting to life without my migraine therapy and best friend and welcoming in our sweet family puppy.

I am blessed every day. I count my blessings and continue to find happiness in little things, all while battling this awful neurological disease. Finding joy in those, I surround myself with and the world I’m making a difference in gives me purpose and peace in my suffering.

[UPDATED May 14, 2016]

Migraine Blogging Anniversary: Year 2

Today is the second anniversary of my migraine blogging anniversary. I have spent it going to work out, leaving quickly to be sick and sleeping. So when I saw the anniversary notification, I realized I haven’t gotten too far in finding solutions for my problems. Because of blogging, I have support, have raised money, built awareness, and made virtual friends I can lean on in a way many wouldn’t understand. I have found great products that help my quality of life and feel like I’m doing something good for others. Physically, I have not improved but mentally I am in a stronger and more confident place with my disease. So far, blogging My Migraine Life is so rewarding.

So thank you to all my readers! Your comments, emails likes, shares, and support mean so much. Thank you for relating and giving advice. Because of you, I am proud of my writing and you have made me determined to make things better for us all. Thank you!

Best Posts of 2016

How my Dog Gives Support

Fear as a Mom with Migraine

[UPDATED JUNE 1, 2015]

Migraine Blogging Anniversary: Year 1

Today marks my 1 year blogging anniversary. Exactly one year ago, I started blogging for Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.  It reminded me that over the course of a year, I have learned so much and gained so much insight.  Yet, unfortunately, I’m pretty much the same.  So I’m more motivated than ever to raise awareness for Migraine and Headache disorders.  It really needs a change and help.

“Understanding the challenges you face with your illness, and then planning a life despite them, may be one of the healthiest decisions you will ever make.- Lisa Copen” 

I try to live my life with hope.  I don’t have a choice when I will suffer but I do have a choice of how I live beyond it.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association

1 Year Blogging Anniversary

For my first migraine blogging anniversary I’ve rounded up some of a few posts I’m really proud about.

Runnin for Migraine Research: Virtual Challange 2015

Rainbows are a sign of hope

Helping others have hope with Migraine

Running for Migraine Research and Icing

Good Greens Bars Giveaway: Snack Bars

Door to Door Organics Ohio: Home Delivery

Migraine Gifts: What to Get to Help

[CREATED MAY 27, 2014]

Welcome to My Migraine Life Blog

My migraine life blog begins! Here it is, my first blog entry. I’m intimidated by it and have never really been an open book” so this will be a challenge.

Why Start Migraine Blogging?

I would have laughed at you if you had told me I would have had a blog this time last year. But a lot can change in a year. At the end of last summer, I started journaling about my life with migraine. I have experienced attacks since I was 5 and had just turned 32. It has sculpted every aspect of my life, along with every relationship. As I wrote story after story of memories, I started looking into my disease more than ever.

Where to Start with Migraine Blogging

I joined support groups, read books and articles, and researched the many medications I had taken over the years. This exploration into the migraine world started a whole new chapter for me. I have had this invisible disease for over 25 years, yet I knew little about it. Everyone knows little about a cure (because there isn’t one), even though it has been documented to be around since the beginning of time. I found solace in others and discovered that I was not alone or crazy, and I have bonded with people in the migraine world.

Blogging Expectations

Being a stay-at-home mom of 2 is not easy and being a migraine sufferer to boot seems nearly impossible. I want to start understanding this crazy disease better and learning about myself. If I know, I can change my future and my children’s. I fear passing this awful, life-changing monster onto my babies daily. If I can get clues on how to help myself, I can help my children. I want to teach them how important it is to take care of their bodies and value their health. They motivate me every day!

I have battled in my cold dark room for so many years that I am now ready to make some noise about this disease. (Hypothetical noise, of course, loud sounds are a trigger for me.)

What I Can Do with Migraine Blogging

I can:

  • Help spread the word that your mom, sister, friend, co-worker, and you are not making up these migraine attacks; I’ll do it.
  • Teach someone one thing that may help in a lifetime of pain.
  • Give hope to someone who feels hopeless about what feels like a hamster wheel that we live on.
  • Be inspired or learn something new.
  • Bring others together; then, I’ll challenge myself to be more open.

I hope to start this blog to help grow the migraine community. From what I have been a part of, it is an innovative, passionate group that needs help. We need answers, need support, need hope, need awareness, need inspiration, and need funding.

Most of all, no judgment. I want it to be a place that not only those living a migraine life can come to but also a place that people who are in a relationship with migraine disease can come to understand better. I want this blog to help spread the word about migraine and their actual disabling effects. Everyone has their path, and I hope to connect, support, and be part of a community that helps guide us down our street to wellness.

Weighted Blanket

Allay Lamp- Green Light Therapy

Headache Hat- Ice Hat

Heat Wrap


Bed of Nails


Sarah Rathsack

Sarah tells stories of My Migraine Life. Living life through Migraine consists of advocacy, treatment, prevention, and searching for health and happiness in a positive honest way. Her kids, husband, dog, family and friends motivate her to make a difference in the Migraine World.

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    Today is the second anniversary of starting my blog! I have spent it going to workout, leaving quickly to be sick and sleeping. So when I saw the anniversary notification, I realized I haven’t gotten too far in finding solutions for my problems. What I have found is support, raised money and awareness, and made virtual friends I have not met but find I can lean on in a way many wouldn’t understand. I have found great products that help my quality of life and feel like I’m doing something good for others. I physically have not improved but mentally am in a stronger and more confident place with my disease.
    So thank you to all my readers!!!!! You have commented, emailed, liked, shared, and given great support. You have related and given advice. You have made me proud of my writing and made me determined to make things better for us all. Thank you thank you thank you.

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