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Migraine Healthline app

I have been using the Migraine Healthline App for a few weeks now. I have found it to be a great resource to meet friends going through similar issues with migraine along with information and a sense of privacy and belonging. It’s a knowledgeable and compassionate group.


My favorite part is the groups and categories that break down migraine life.  I often have questions about prodrome and postdrome, medication and treatments, lifestyle, triggers and mental health. Navigating healthcare, finding alternative therapies and inspiration are topics I’m constantly searching for.

At the beginning of the year I had a lot of healthcare frustration due to the new year and new insurance.  I was so mad and found that my friends not only related but had words of advice and comfort that I did not get in my “real life.” Migraine puts us all through so much and having people who understand and a place to go search and find help is comforting. Healthcare is so overwhelming, expensive and a lot of paperwork and phone calls. I came home from a doctor’s appointment crushed by the price and refusal to give me my medication. Then I confided in the app and was told things that my doctor’s office didn’t explain to me.  I was able to better navigate my problem and get it solved quickly. Thanks to the Migraine Healthline app and participants!

Migraine Healthline app

Live Chats

On February 17, I discussed exercise and the effects of it on my migraines. What I found interesting, was that I’m not alone in having a love/hate, help/hurt relationship with movement. I like to workout but it has changed drastically as my disease has progressed. The live chat gave me good ideas on stretches to try and reminders about self-care. I was reminded about why I work out and how it makes me feel each time in different ways.  I no longer work out to look good and focus on how it makes me feel. After the hour-long live chat, I felt motivated.

The next live chat I will be an influencer on will be on March 10 discussing how migraine has impacted your social life. I’ve got a lifetime of experience with this topic being every phase of my life as been touched by migraine.  Interested in the topic? Download the FREE app and join me!

Worried about laying in bed chatting and the phone being triggering? Try the new Dark Mode! Healthline is constantly listening to feedback and improving the app to allow for the best experience.


The discover sections allows you to find reputable information about migraine. It ranges from personal stories, to research, living with migraines and alternative therapies. Along with the discover section, ambassadors post relatable posts to questions in the group sections to give ideas on how to navigate your journey.

Each week provides knowledgeable ambassadors to be there to welcome you and help guide you through your Migraine Healthline app experience. This group is a powerhouse of information and support.  They are all women I follow in my everyday life and rely on as part of my migraine community. Every one of us provides a different perspective while having life times of experiences. I’ll be an ambassador this week so now is the time to join! I will be popping in to welcome you, help and support you. I would love to meet you there so download now and talk to you soon!

Migraine healthline app download now

Want to hear more about the app and my experience?

Healthline also has me on their Best Migraine Blogs of 2019


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Sarah Rathsack

I tell stories of My Migraine Life. I'm a mom, wife, teacher, and chronic migraine sufferer. I tell my stories and advocate in my life searching for health in a positive honest way.
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