Migraine Products

My Migraine Life requires a lot of migraine products. I love natural migraine relief products! I use them to prevent, battle, recover and increase the quality of my life.  I review products that I think will help my health, wellness, and happiness.  This comes in a variety of ways treating my mind, body, and soul.

All of my opinions are my own and I have not been influenced by any company.  I review products and am an affiliate for many while being honest about how it works for ME.  If you purchase, I hope it works for you too.  I will receive a small compensation for your purchase. We both WIN!  Please remember that I am not a doctor and that consulting a physician is advised. Disclaimer

Migraine Product Discounts and Reviews

Do you have a migraine relief product that may help my health and wellness or make me happy 🙂   Please contact me with your ideas.

Light Sensitivity

Green Light

Allay Green Light/Lamp- HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Discount code: $25 off 

Norb green lightbulb

Migraine Glasses

Migraine Shields- Coupon Code: MYMIGRAINELIFE for 20% off

Axon Optics-Coupon code: SARAH20 for 20% off


Avulux- Coupon code: MYMIGRAINE LIFE for $25 off

Heat and Cold Therapy


Headache Hat

Bed Buddy

Weighted Products

Huggaroo- affiliate

SensaCalm- Discount code: MYMIGRAINELIFE for 10% off


acupressure mat

Bed of Nails- Coupon code: Mymigrainelife for 15% off

Aculief- amazon

Food and Drinks

Ginger People

Sprinly- Discount code: REFHAI4W66BNT for $20 off

Dizzy Cook

Pure Wine- Discount code: mymigrainelife for 15% off

Breathing and Air Quality

Migrastil- affiliate

Enviroklenz- affiliate

Himalayan Salt lamp


Free Migraine Apps


Migraine Buddy App

Healthline Bezzy Migraine

Pill Drill