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migraine at work

How to Tell your Boss you have Migraine

How to Tell your Boss you have a Migraine? Do you have coworkers and a boss who don't understand Migraine? Are they judgmental about missed days? Do they know how to accommodate your needs, and do you ...
migraine in 2019

Migraine in 2019: Happy New Year

Migraine in 2019, Happy New Year!. I woke up on January 1, 2019, with a migraine. I felt hungover like I was going to throw up, dizzy with a pounding headache worse than most people know, ...
All in Cleveland

All in Cleveland, All in Migraine, All in Hope

While watching the Cavs last night I had no choice but to compare Cleveland sports to my migraine disease. I did this not because watching them gives me a headache and nauseous, although it has, but ...