Pill Drill: Daily Medication Management

Pill Drill for Medication Management

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What is Pill Drill?

pill drill

“Pill Drill is the smartest, simplest way to manage any daily pill routine. Whether you manage your medication regimen or help a loved one manage theirs, Pill Drill’s intuitive scanning system keeps you on track with ease, elegance, and intelligence.

Pill Drill was designed to be the first truly user-friendly medication management tool: simple enough for everyone, flexible enough to help anyone, and dignified because health products don’t need to be scary to work well.” http://www.pilldrill.com

It is easy to set up. Plugin the Pill Drill Hub, connect the Hub to a Wi-Fi network and create your medication schedule using the app or website.

How does it work?

pill drill

Each kit includes the Pill Drill Hub, 2 weekly pill strips, 12 scanning tags, and the Mood Cube. Well-being can be logged to track mood or pain level. You can track the income of medication by scanning the pill container to mark it as taken.

pill drillAM/PM boxes provide weekly organization. Each ergonomic pod is advanced and individually removable, easy to open, and has a built-in scanning tag on its base. The strips snap together, so you can connect as many as you need to accommodate your schedule.

The app keeps you up to speed at all times. The Pill Drill app can create and edit your med schedule, get reminders, and log doses on the go. You can be notified about a loved one’s adherence and mood throughout the day. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and provides the fullest experience, but a smartphone is not required.

For more information read: How PillDrill Works?

Who is it for?

Pill Drill works for managing your own routine or a loved one’s.

The app can be used for individual use to get reminders and log doses on the go. If you need to log a dose on the go, open the app and “mark as taken” with a single tap. You can also set reminders to alert you directly on your smartphone when you’re not at home. If you use Pill Drill to manage your routine, you will get reminders that help you stay on schedule when you’re on the go.

pill drill

For family care, the app will send you real-time adherence and mood updates throughout the day so you can always know how the user is doing – without nagging. Your loved one doesn’t even need to use a smartphone at all. “If you use Pill Drill to manage a loved one’s routine, you will get status updates so you can stay in the loop throughout the day.”

Why use Pill Drill?

It is compatible with any health regimen. There is no one size fits with medication, so whatever the specifics of your regimen, Pill Drill has you covered. Pill Drill’s combination of adherence data, wellness tracking, and a dynamic reporting interface helps you better understand the effects of medications on your body and make more informed health decisions.

For more information visit: Why Pill Drill

Where do I buy it?

PillDrill is being sold exclusively through our website for $199.00 plus shipping and handling. Each PillDrill kit includes the PillDrill Hub, 12 Scanning Tags, 2 Weekly Pill Strips, and the Mood Cube.” There is no subscription cost, and it is a one-time payment.

Pill Organizer or App

Are you looking for an organizer for all those bottles? Try Med Manager. Looking for a different App? One for tracking migraine or one for connecting with migraine people? Or maybe a gift.

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