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Puur Ingrid

Puur Ingrid is a new brand I am trying this winter. I live in a very cold climate, and extra hydration is always needed. Over the years, as you have read, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of clean beauty. I am always trying new products and am happy to share these small business owner’s stories and organic beauty products.  Puur Ingrid is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-conscious, and filled with ingredients you can feel good about. They supply personal care products including body care, face care, hair care, hair styling, shampoo/conditioner, and soap. You can find them in the USA and Canada.  They are certified by CertClean – North America’s leading certification for safer skincare!

Puur Ingrid sent free products for review consideration. All opinions are my own. Ingrid thoughtfully supplied me with scentless products. I am, generally, very sensitive and migraine triggered by perfumes. These products are not scented and beautifully packaged. Although it matters what’s on the inside, the outside of Ingrid’s bottles are gold and feel luxurious. I have found that many natural brands tend to have simpler packaging that wears away. Visually, I love the labels and my bathroom has an extra touch of gold that I enjoy.

PUUR Ingrid’s Story

PUUR Ingrid

Ingrid’s journey started when she left her job in the pharmacy and made the switch to integrative medicine. Being active in research and development, she created BOYZZ ONLY, a no-nonsense line of hair and body care just for boys. She devoted her time to researching green eco-conscious ingredients for skin care and that’s when PUUR Ingrid became reality. PUUR Ingrid believes that ‘nature has given us everything we need to keep our skin healthy and happy.’ 

Squalane Absolute

Squalane Absolute

Squalane is a fun word to say but I didn’t know much about it. I learned, “Squalane ensures elastic, supple skin, is especially moisturizing and penetrates deep into the skin.” What I like about it is it soothes skin problems like eczema and rosacea. My face tends to be red with rosacea, and this serum repairs damaged skin. Being I have sensitive skin, I enjoy that it makes the skin soft and smooth without being greasy. Squalane Absolute is my favorite product that I tried from Puur Ingrid. I love face products and the squalane plumps and brightens my face. As an added bonus, I ran a little through my hair for added shine!  It is a multipurpose oil that can be used for the face, body, and hair. ($24.95 CAD)

Wash Duet Unscented

The Wash Duet Unscented by Puur Ingrid ($18.95 CAD) is another multi-functioning product. It is a hydrating wash that can be used on the body and hair. This is a nice feature in my household. I have children that I share my products with. My youngest, 7, loves that he can use one bottle for washing everything. This gives him more time to play in the shower while I feel relieved that he’s using a clean product that works. The duet nourishes hair and skin with antioxidants and vitamin E

Wash Duet Moisture Recovery

Moist Recovery Unscented

The best way for me to describe Moist Recovery Unscented (SALE $16.45) is squeaky clean. It doesn’t give the slimy feeling my hair feels when I use a moisturizer. “Moist Recovery uses Rice Bran Oil and Açai to add luxurious shine and thickness, while Broccoli Extract conditions strands and reduces unwanted breakage.” My hair is fine and tends to lay extremely flat! When I dry my hair, it doesn’t seem as weighed down by my traditional conditioner and has a squeaky feeling that is unique.

If you’d like to purchase Puur Ingrid products, get an extra 15% off all products

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PUUR Ingrid Giveaway

Interested in trying these products or other clean products? I’m not an affiliate or associated with this giveaway but think it’s a great way to be introduced to some of the brands I talk about.  Brands participating are PUUR Ingrid, MarieNatie, The Potion and, Obm Natural. I have tried MarieNatie eyeliner.

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