Sprinly Review: Is Vegan Meal Delivery Worth it?

Sprinly review and coupon

In this post, I give my Sprinly review and Sprinly discount code along with details about this meal delivery company. Sprinly is a plant-based food delivery service that provides fully prepared organic vegan meals. I have purchased food delivery services before and found them to be good but still some work on my part.

With other meal deliveries, I still had to do the work chopping and cleaning and getting my dishes dirty. What I like about Sprinly is, that it’s already done! Lunch is grabbing and going, dinner is ready and there is no clean-up. The menu is customizable and the meal plans are flexible to meet different needs. You can pause at any time and resume when ready.

Vegan Meal Delivery

Sprinly “aim[s] to inspire others to live healthier and eat more vegetables, and partner with mission-driven non-profits who share similar values.” They “are building a team where everyone is working towards a common goal to create something greater for the health of our country.”

I fully admit that I am not vegan.  Nor do I particularly love vegetables. But Sprinly (discount code REFHAI4W66BNT for $20 off) is some kind of wonderful. They somehow get me to love both! I order them when I need a break from cooking, when I’m feeling like I need a reset in my diet, and when I’m craving them. I end up craving them because their plant based meals are so delicious.

After eating a meal, I feel so full that I often can’t finish them in one sitting. I’m always so surprised by how satisfied I am after each meal. I guess that’s what clean proper nutrition tastes like. My review for taste is two thumbs up!

Sprinly Review

The meals I ate were delicious, a big portion, in a reusable bag, and beautiful looking. I love the vast colors and knowing I’m “eating the rainbow” while getting such quality food into my diet.

Sprinly Cost

There are a variety of options ranging from 6 meals per week at $109 to 12 meals per week at $199 and 18 meals per week at $289. They all have free delivery and come in a reusable bag that is packed with ice to keep your meal fresh. All have free delivery and you can cancel or pause your meals anytime. I don’t use Sprinly weekly meals, just sporadically when I need it.

Where is Sprinly located?

 delivers within 30 miles of Cleveland including Akron

If you don’t live in the area, do some research on local places to order food around you. I think it’s a nice option for those weeks where you need some extra help (and spoons). Quality food will make for a more quality feeling body which is what I need.  I crave junk food during my migraines and eat horrible before and after an attack.

Having Sprinly in my refrigerator ready to grab was a great way to eat when I otherwise wouldn’t have made a healthy choice.  Eating good feels good!

Sprinly Phone Number


Thank you Sprinly for your great food, amazing attitude towards health, and inspiration to be part of a community that wants to help….one meal at a time.

 Sprinly Discount Code

Use code REFHAI4W66BNT for $20 off!!!

Sprinly Coupon Codes

Meal Delivery Service

My Sprinly review is all my own opinion. This week, I got another delivery. It is a vegan fresh meal delivery. If you live in the Cleveland area, I highly recommend them! Although Sprinly rewards me for my recommendation, I only write about products and services that I truly love and use!

  REFHAI4W66BNT for $20 off

Another meal delivery I love is Door to Door Organics

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  1. Danielle Faith on April 7, 2017 at 12:15 am

    This service is incredible. I love the idea!!! If only I had some extra money!

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