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Wego Health awards endorsements are open, and I need your help! WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with patient leaders’ experience, skills, and insights. They are the world’s largest network of patient leaders. They are working across virtually all health conditions and topics. WEGO celebrates those who tirelessly support the mission to empower the patient voice. With 16 award categories, the WEGO Health Awards are the only awards across all conditions and platforms. They recognize over 100 thousand inspiring patient leaders who raise awareness, share information, and support their communities. Most of us do this without recognition. For now, endorsements are open.


What are the Wego Health Awards?

The WEGO Health Awards empower patient leaders. Originally, it was coined the WEGO Health Activist Awards. Wego Health connects with countless patient advocates, influencers, and healthcare collaborators. These activists help others by transforming healthcare. Wego Health Awards give hard-working patient experts a pat on the back and the recognition they deserve.

How do I Endorse Patient Leaders?

Above all, endorsements are a way to give me a visual show of support. They were created to allow community members to share their perspectives on who the top patient leaders truly are. It’s a simple vote with a powerful message. My Migraine Life is valuable and has been recognized.

While you can only endorse each person’s nomination once per award category, you can endorse as many people as you like. The top 3 endorsed individuals in each award category become automatic finalists. In summary, please vote!

Endorse NOW!

Wego Health Awards

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How I have been involved with Wego Health?

I have been involved with Wego for many years. They are a patient leader network that does so many things for so many different categories of health. They look to lift leaders and inspire advocates and their health passion.

Past nominations have been recognized but are yet to be awarded. That’s why I need your votes!

Wego Health Experts

9th Annual Wego Health Awards

Best Blog, Best Facebook, Lifetime Achievement, Best Instagram

Wego Health Reviews 2020

“Sarah is an inspiration to so many. She leads by being honest and vulnerable while keeping a positive outlook. She is a leader in the migraine advocate community. ”

“Sarah has a great balance between shared information and individual posts. It’s a source of information and inspiration. ”

“Sarah’s Instagram is inspired by raising money for a non-profit migraine organization to her adventures at home with her children and her adorable golden retriever. She sends a good message and makes you smile. ”

“Sarah has been nominated for many Wego awards over the years. Her relentless migraine advocacy should be recognized. Migraine is hugely stigmatized, and Sarah breaks down walls with her honesty about it.”

8th Annual Health Awards

Nominated: Best Blog, lifetime achievement, patient leader hero, best in show Facebook

7th Annual Wego Health Awards

Nominated: Best in show community, best in show Facebook, Instagram, Best kept secret, best team performance.


6th Annual Wego Health Awards

Nominated: Best in show blog, best in show facebook, best in show Instagram, best in show Twitter

5th Annual Health Awards

Nominated for best in show blog, Health Activist Hero

Best in Show: BlogHealth Activist Hero

4th Annual Award Nominated Rookie of the Year

Finally, the rookie of the year nomination. What an honor to be endorsed.

Rookie of the year

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Sarah Rathsack

I tell stories of My Migraine Life. Living life through Migraine consists of advocacy, treatment, prevention, and searching for health and happiness in a positive honest way. My kids, husband, dog, family and friends motivate me to make a difference in the Migraine World.
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