What does it Mean to Pay it Forward?

pay it forward

What does it mean to pay it forward? Years ago, I was on vacation. While washing my hands in the bathroom, a woman dried her hands and pumped the paper towel holder a few extra times for me to grab. As a bit germ-phobic, I appreciated her kindness and when I said thank you, she replied…. “Pay it forward.” Since then, I have tried to do random acts of kindness as much as possible to pay it forward constantly. Small things count.

What does it Mean to Pay if forwarding?

Pay it to forward meaning.

Last week I pushed 2 abandoned shopping carts out of the accessible parking spot to ensure someone who needed the area could use it.

This week I cleared the table while we were out to dinner. I have 2 messy kids and all our waitress needed to do was pick up the stacked plates with all the garbage on them and take them away. Is it her job to clear our table? Yes. Could I make it easier for her? Yes, so we did.

Good Samaritan

While being a good samaritan, I have often gotten angry at the lack of acknowledgment for my good deeds. Am I doing them to get credit? No. But a simple hand in the rearview mirror would be lovely when I let you in my lane by waving you in.

It seriously shocks me how rude and inconsiderate people can be. While I’m carrying my son and holding my daughter’s hand and somehow holding the door for the person behind me with my spare hip and the person walks in without a thank you, I’m stunned. The irony is that the toddler I’m holding has better manners than the adult who walked by us.

I run into too few good samaritans and many people preoccupied with themselves or their phones. So today, I encourage you to pay it forward, do a good deed and if that’s not possible, at least try to say thank you to those trying to do so.

I think everyone should be friendly in a world and country so divided these days. Such a juvenile concept, I know. But be nice. Many people have hate in their hearts and sadness in their minds. These things add up to behaviors that only continue the cycle upon others. So let’s focus on being nice to ourselves and others. Kindness goes a long way.

How do you Pay it Forward?

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Sarah Rathsack

I tell stories of My Migraine Life. Living life through Migraine consists of advocacy, treatment, prevention, and searching for health and happiness in a positive honest way. My kids, husband, dog, family and friends motivate me to make a difference in the Migraine World.
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  1. Wendy Schaetzke on April 16, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    Love it!

  2. Deb Rathsack on April 17, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    You hit the nail on the head with your observations Sarah- in today’s world of so called “entitled ” people – we could all use a Thank- You and pay it forward to those who are struggling – you never know how you affect a person by your kindness – You are a Blessing to many and definitely to your family and friends -Mimi

  3. asouthernceliac on July 11, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    We just bought some baby shower supplies for someone. The person hosting their baby shower had a sudden financial bump in the road, so I have them leftover supplies from my baby shower, bought some extra, and passed on my daughter’s newborn clothes. I’m not someone who keeps things just to be sentimental, so passing on baby clothes and items we can’t use anymore to people who can use them is a great way for me to pay it forward even though I’m still struggling financially after hyperemesis gravidarum.

  4. mymigrainelife on July 11, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    How nice of you! Kids clothes are so hard to keep up with and hand me downs are such a nice gift

  5. Pippit Carlington on July 11, 2016 at 6:19 pm

    This is a wonderful post! I agree that the world right now is filled with people seemingly hoarding their love and kindness. I told someone once that it seems as if people are afraid to stick their neck out anymore for fear they will lose something by doing so, but really if they’d sit down and think about it they’d really be gaining something even in the act of giving to someone else. Not only is it a good feeling to know that something you did helped somebody, but I truly believe that we are all connected somehow in this universe. To make distinctions like “this is my family whereas these people are not, so I won’t reach out to them” is a false boundary that prevents full authenticity in our relationships.

    I don’t have money to give to charity nor alot of material things to give but I try to pay it forward by giving emotional support to others and using my life and my time to change the world for the better any way I can think of through blogging, political activism, social media, and promoting various worthy causes that help others.

    Sometimes just being there for someone can be the biggest gift of all and I try to do that in my relationships with others and even with people I come across online who need a friend.

  6. mymigrainelife on July 11, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Well said!!! Thank you for your comment!!

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