Pure Wine: Wine and Migraine

Alcohol and Migraine: Pure Wine Filter to Relieve Hangover

Wine and migraine seem to go together for me…..until I met Pure Wine, the wand for wine. Alcohol is a common migraine trigger. Over the years, I have experimented with alcohol and how it affects me. Clear alcohol with a clean mixer is my best bet with the least interaction. I have never been able to enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine without headache, congestion, skin flush, and eventually migraine. Until now!

I love this product so much I am now an affiliate. If you decide to buy, I will be rewarded. Cheers, and thank you!

Why Do I Get a Headache After One Glass of Wine?

I can drink one glass of wine and feel hungover which prohibits me from drinking with my family and friends. I’m now discovering, that alcohol triggers my migraine but I may also have an intolerance or allergy. I’m not a doctor or scientist, I just know what makes me feel hungover.

What Causes Wine Allergies?

Wine allergies are caused by your body’s reactions to histamines and sulfites. Histamines are especially prevalent in food/drink that is aged or fermented (cured meats, aged cheeses, fermented beer, ale, and wine). I tend to avoid these items as a migraine trigger also, so it makes sense that histamine can trigger an allergic response in many. Sulfite sensitivities are less prevalent than histamine sensitivities but yield many of the same symptoms.

Why Does Wine Give Me a Headache?

According to Pure Wine, up to 75% of all wine drinkers experience wine intolerance with headaches as the #1 side effect. The mission of Pure Wine is to end the problem of wine intolerance. They want to enable more people to enjoy the unique pleasures and health benefits of wine.

Benefits of Wine

Pure Wine promotes health, happiness, and well-being for all.

  • Wine Health benefits may include:
      • Better cardiovascular health
      • Reduced metabolic disease
      • Greater longevity
      • Improved cognition
  • Drinking wine in a group benefits may include:
      • Bringing people together
      • Less isolation
      • Wine doesn’t need to be included to gather with friends

PureWine filters wine to reduce hangover

How to Prevent a Wine Headache

The Wave and The Wand filter the histamines and sulfites that are in wine that trigger wine allergies. The Wave aerates wine by managing the effect of oxygen, to bring out the intensity and structure of the wine. The Wand has the same filtration effect on wine and quickly aerates wine during the stirring process.

  • The Wave is a single-use filter for a bottle of wine. Insert the tube, place the filter on the bottle and aerate as you pour.
  • The Wand is a singe use filter for a glass of wine. Just soak it in your glass and stir for 3-8 minutes to remove 95% of histamines and sulfites without altering the taste.

Alcohol and Migraine: Pure Wine Filter to Relieve Hangover

Pure Wine: The Wand for Wine

I was given the Wand and the Wave to review and try.  My opinions are my own and the links are affiliated which means I’ll be compensated.

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I love a company that is family run and inspired to make people’s lives happier and healthier. The purpose of Pure Wine is not so I can get hammered and relive my college days. (Although I’m so happy I lived those carefree days without migraine affecting every sip I took.)

Wine and Migraine

The real glory is that I can have drinks with my girls on mom’s night out cause mama needs a drink! This Thanksgiving, I will be using my Wave and cheersing with my family, which, I haven’t been able to do for years. The Wave and the Wand are merely allowing me to stop missing out and that small gesture is larger than the glass of wine. I found it very easy to gather a group when product testing.  I told my friends about the wand and instantly had plans. To me, drinking is usually associated with a celebration. I now feel like I can live in the moment of joy more knowing a migraine doesn’t await me after my first sip.

Does Pure Wine Work?

For me, YES! Every time I have used the Wand, I have not had an interaction.  This says a lot! I have many triggers that make it difficult to tell what is helping or hurting. For example, I may drink a glass of wine and be saved by the Wand filter but that night the weather shifts, it’s that time of the month or I’m stressed which all lead to migraine. It is often hard to tell if one therapy works while other triggers exist and sideline benefits. One easy change I can make is with Pure Wine.

I can’t change the weather or the fact that I’m a woman. I can manage stress but only to an extent. Pure Wine gives me the freedom to eliminate one trigger and worry less which helps my overall battle.  It has been an amazing addition to my migraine took kit! Thank you to Pure Wine for allowing me to review and fall in love with your filters. You’ve done what you said, brought people together, and increased my happiness.

Cheers…..To your Health!

Pure Wine is a perfect gift for yourself and all your loved ones who have wine allergies, sensitivities, or migraine. I have them on my gift guide this year and recommend the Wand and Wave as gifts and stocking stuffers.

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Pure Wine bottle filterPure Wine made it to my “best migraine relief gifts of 2019”

Don’t believe me? Check out Brainless Bloggers review

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